March 9, 2013.. it took an hour to walk home from the humane society and Lilo proved herself to be not so very leash-trained.

Today marks her first ~birthday and the beginning of this blog.

Looking back I realize how much we have grown together – and how much knowledge I have had to gain to become a suitable guardian for her.  I had a solid foundation on dog psychology when I got her but it didn’t stop me from  struggling to get the right products, and training, into our lives.

In remembering this past while, I realized that a go-to source on what is good/bad for certain dog types could be useful.  I’ve decided to fashion a blog where I can describe the ups and downs of various pet toys, books, brushes, treats and whatever else we will stumble upon that affects either her, or my relationship with her.

I look forward to the upcoming year with Lilo and hopefully our adventures will give me many things to talk about and share that will help others flounder a little less.

Take care.


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