Kong Original: Extreme

The packaging claims that it will entertain and satisfy power chewers. It also claims to be recommended by vets worldwide.
Kong Original: Extreme

While I’m no vet, I too recommend this product for power chewers. My dog can decimate chew toys that are supposed to last hours in 20 minutes flat due to her sharp teeth and ability to find weaknesses. The large has yet to show any wear and tear on it and I’ve had it for about 4 months now, the XL was given to her yesterday and she can fit her bottom jaw into the hole, but still has yet to do any damage.

Durability(10/10): I gave this a ten because of the way the rubber reacts to chewing. When my dog tries to chew the rubber her teeth slide off the rubber and she quickly coats the Kong in a light layer of drool(which also dries fairly quickly to prevent any drool gross-outs). With her teeth sliding along the Kong she can’t act out her ability to grip the Kong and sink her teeth in, which would result in the Kong quickly being demolished. It’s important to note that going up a size is better than down due to this toy providing a choking hazard when it’s too small. The large seems to be a good size for Lilo(sitting currently at 42lbs of raw energy), however the XXL is proving to hold itself up in competition. Despite her ability to fit her lower jaw into the treat hole, she has yet to pierce the rubber and the build seems to make her slip just as if she was biting the outside.

Entertainment Value(Me: 7/10, Lilo: 8.5/10): While it’s entertaining to watch the more active parts of Lilo playing with her Kong, it almost always settles down into a chew-a-thon which provides some blissful quiet(sometimes this quiet is spent just happily watching a preoccupied puppy, but at least it’s a small time of sanity). Putting treats into the Kong ups the excitement for her but often creates an even longer almost-quiet period of time, with the only noise and excitement coming from a wagging tail and the crunch of treats gotten. The active chew time provides Lilo with what seems like plenty of entertainment and she doesn’t easily tire of her Kong. When hyper she will deviate to other toys however as the Kong isn’t easy to play with when one wants to jump and twirl. However, one can listen when she is in her crate and be able to tell that it is worthy of being thrown and pushed around when one is bored and the toys that require supervision are not available.

House Safety(7.5/10): The rubber is bouncy enough that when it’s dropped onto the floor it has a minimal impact(for its size). That being said I wouldn’t encourage it being near anything delicate as it does have weight in the larger sizes. With the Kong usually being used as a simple chew toy and not having much air time it has the potential to be very safe with calmer dogs that aren’t determined to throw their Kong record distances.

Smell(10/10): The Kong has almost no smell and doesn’t easily absorb the smell of the treats stuffed into it.

Ease of Cleaning(9/10): While the shape of the Kong results in treats getting stuck near the top, hot water can often flush it out after only a couple rounds. If particularly stubborn food gets caught in the upper regions a bottle brush should be more than enough to dislodge the offensive party.

Some Uses: Treat dispenser(put kibble/treats/peanut butter in it and let them go, or make a mash of treats/kibble/water and freeze it over night for a fun time that will last longer), tug-o-war toy(this one can be tricky as they aren’t easy to hold onto, but you can get it sometimes), stress reliever(I leave my Large one with Lilo in her crate almost always), basic chew toy, fetch.

Cost: Ranging from $22.00-$32.00(for XXL), the Kong Extreme is an affordable chew toy when comparing it to the cost of constantly replacing other chew toys. Link to Amazon for Large.

Sizes Available: When considering sizes it’s important to remember to go up in size if you have any doubts. Also to note these are guidelines only as some dogs are larger in frame than others of the same weight. Try to pick a Kong that looks like it’s too big to be swallowed. Kong also recommends fitting your Kong purchases to your largest dog as Tiny’s toy could easily be gulped up by Goliath and cost you a lot of anxiety and a sizeable vet bill.
XS (up to 5lbs)
S (up to 20lbs)
M (15-35lbs)
L (30-65lbs)
XL (60-90lbs)
XXL (85+lbs)
(Source: Kong “User Guide” that comes with the toy.).

Bottom Line: I couldn’t imagine not having a Kong while owning a dog. It’s truly one of those items that makes your day when your dog is teething, or hyper, or if you’re just in need of some down time while your dog is in need of activity. It’s a great product and I chose Extreme because it gives me safety of mind when I’m out of the house, not worrying about if Lilo has ingested a small piece of plastic or not.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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