“One Nation Under Dog” – Michael Schaffer

A book focused on the economical aspects of the pet industry, Michael Schaffer offers insight into the history and current economic conditions of the pet industry in America.


Ease of Reading(9/10): This book is an extremely easy read though a couple portions are somewhat dry. Notes are provided at the end of the book for those interested in seeing his sources and/or some extra insights into his thought processes.

Accuracy of Information(9.5/10): As far as I can tell everything he said is backed up by research and/or the company itself making a statement. I didn’t see any gaping holes in logic or a zeal for one side of any story.

Usefulness of Information(2/10): I learned some interesting new facts – especially in the food sections… but overall the information isn’t that useful in furthering any bond with ones pup or their health.

Cost: $27.00 Canadian($24.00 US) is the price posted on its sleeve. The copy that I’m holding is hardcover however so that may have boosted the price.  A quick search on Google shows that there’s a Kindle version. Link to Amazon.

Bottom Line: It’s an interesting read and has some neat facts. If you’re looking for a book on training, or understanding your dog this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a book related to dogs but also focusing on another topic (the economy and a little bit of history)then this may be a good book to try.


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