Kyjen Fire Hose: Stretch ‘n Fetch

The Kyjen Fire Hose is advertised as super strong, tough and durable while still promising to be a soft dog toy.
Durability(8/10):  While the red material seems to hold up to being gnawed fairly well, the Stretch portion was demolished within a few seconds of Lilo focusing on it.  The black edges are also slightly brittle which makes it easier for a dog to chip off the corners.  This was done within about 15 minutes of having it laying around in the room(she was playing with other toys at the time too, so I’m going to estimate that she did this after 3 minutes of attention, but I could be wrong there).  Lilo initially appeared to lose interest in chewing it once all the corners were chipped away and used it for self-play by throwing it around.  After a few months she went back to chewing it and broke through the entirety of the black border.  The red fire hose portion has dealt with a lot, and I mean a lot of tearing.  I had to monitor her during this time though as I wanted to ensure she didn’t ingest any of the threads she was pulling out.

Entertainment Value(Me: 4/10, Lilo: 7/10):  While it was fun for the first few minutes of playing, the Stretch portion was easily destroyed and therefore the toy quickly lost its interactive appeal.  Lilo seems to be pleased with it when she notices it but she usually doesn’t call for any special attention as it’s toy that is played with on a very low energy level.  My personal rating is low on this as during the chewing phase I have to pay careful attention to insure that the material isn’t ingested.

House Safety(9/10):  Being soft and lightweight makes the Fire Hose decently safe around your more delicate objects.  Seeing as Lilo hasn’t shown any high desire to toss the toy around, shelved objects are safe near the toy and on more delicate flooring. If it is dropped from a height(or mis-thrown) it has almost no effect on most objects and is also useful for this reason.

Smell(9/10):  It starts off smelling neutral and for some reason it never gained a smell despite all of Lilo’s efforts to drag it around.  If a dog didn’t power chew it to pieces I’m assuming over time it would gain a smell.

Ease of Cleaning(9/10):  Surface debris wipes off easy and the fire hose portion is lined with a type of rubber so fluids won’t build up inside the hose.

Some Uses: Fetch, tug, water retrieval(it’s claimed to float), mild chewing.

Cost: Ranges around (but mostly above) $10.00 for a large. Link to Amazon for size medium.

Sizes: Coming in the sizes small, medium and large, the Stretch ‘n Fetch is just one of many different types of this toy.  There are a few different varieties that I’ve heard of, some without the Stretch loop and some with a squeaker built in.

Bottom Line: The Fire Hose is a decent toy to play with and can be lots of fun for tug and fetch, however it’s not that useful as a chew toy as if a dog is prone to eating what they chew you will wind up visiting the vet.  For a person trying to provide for their pup on a budget I’d point to other toys/activities first but to those wanting to maximize the toy collection this is a reasonable item to have so long as play is supervised.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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