Nutro: Crunchy Treats(Berries)

Advertised as “delicious, natural treats”; Nutro promises that you can feel good giving your dog this healthy treat. Nutro - Crunchy Treats - Berries While I am not about to claim knowledge on doggy nutrition, the promise of real berries mixed into a recipe that doesn’t include wheat or corn drew me to the product when I was searching for my future dog and didn’t want to risk buying treats that would be unusable in the case of a gluten allergy. Entertainment Value/Enjoyment(Me: 7/10, Lilo: 10/10):  It’s rewarding to see a dog perform every trick she knows to get her treat.  On her end, I think she finds the effort worth it.

Smell(9.5/10):  With a strong, but not unpleasant, smell Lilo picks up on it right away (her first reaction to it was when it was still in the bag).  My reaction to it is somewhat neutral, I can definitely smell it… but aside from the strength of the smell I enjoy it.

Per Day Limit:  It depends on the dogs weight; with 3 treats per day being the max for a dog that’s 5lbs, and 18 treats being the max for a dog that’s 55lbs.  Lilo, at ~40lbs can have about 14(this can be found on their website).  You can also sort of break them up if you’re careful about it, but the size and hardness is good for crunching, which will help a pups teeth stay clean.

Training Potential(7/10):  They are amazing at grabbing Lilo’s attention for a decent period of time, but they don’t portion into small pieces easy as they are a hard treat.  I use them to train her to ignore people at the elevator, but the inability to easily break up the treats means that I’m stuck with limited treats.

Cost: For 16oz. you’ll find yourself paying roughly $9.00, while a 10oz. bag is just under $6.00.

Bottom Line:  My dog loves these beyond belief, I plan on continuing to provide her with them whenever we have new challenges to face to ensure a fairly steady learning curve.  For people wanting to work in high-distraction areas, the smell of these treats can help bring your dog back to focusing on you.  Top recommendation for people looking for a strong-scented treat for training.


Note: Caution should always be used when introducing a new food item into a dogs diet.  The recommendations on this page are not issued from a vet and I have no experience or knowledge in animal nutrition.  My analysis is based purely on my relationship with my dog and I’ve trusted the packaging to be accurate as to the impact it will have on my dogs health. If your dog has special needs, please consult a vet before introducing any treats into their diet, regardless of my recommendations.


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