“Comet’s Tale” – Steven D. Wolf

This is the story of a man whose health is failing, and his rescue; a Greyhound named Comet.  Steven. D. Wolfie provides a loving yet realistic insight into the life of an individual who goes against the norms to establish his dog as a full-time companion.
Comet's Tale

Ease of Reading(9/10): This book is an easy read as it grabs your interest and keeps it throughout the whole story.

Accuracy of Information(9/10): Being a personal story I cannot comment on the accuracy of his memories, but he does pull in some interesting statistics on Greyhound racing that I cannot comment on, but seem realistic from the numbers that I’ve heard before. The story and facts mentioned are all reasonable and realistic, so I am giving this one a high rating.

Usefulness of Information(5/10): There are interesting statistics about Greyhounds, and service dogs in this book. While most of the information is about him and his life, he also comments on Comet and the things he did with her – showing how dogs acts through the eyes of a human. He often portrays the dog as thinking in human terms which can be a bit misleading to people who don’t understand dog psychology – but this can easily be overlooked by understanding that dogs don’t think in complete sentences. Overall the story is charming and can remind the reader of the qualities in their dog that they love.

Cost: The listed price according to Amazon.ca is $28.95, though they’re currently offering the book for $15.92 and it’s eligible for free shipping. Link to Amazon.

Bottom Line: It’s an enjoyable read, has some interesting information, and tugs at the heart strings. If you’re considering rescuing a Greyhound I’d definitely recommend this book as one to keep on your shelf. If you are looking for a good story focused on living with a dog – I can also recommend this. It isn’t a training book however and those who expect it to be will find themselves let down.


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