CE: Technika Beyond Control Leash

Canine Equipment offers an ultra-soft, durable leash that can be arranged in different ways to optimize your walking experience. Canine Equipment - Technika  Beyond Control Leash
Ease of Use(6.5/10): This isn’t your everyday leash, and as such it can be a bit tricky to figure out when you’re groggy.  There are two ends – one has the padded handle – which goes to the dog.  The other end has a baggy clip – that goes to your hand/waist.  It’s extremely easy to clip on and off and there are plastic sliding clips that I use to help keep the adjuster from sliding.  With the feature of wrapping around your waist/torso(horizontally, like a belt – or diagonally, like a purse) it comes with a bit more added complexity when considering that a standard leash just clips on and then gets held.  There are also other leash attachments that I’ve seen in stores so that you can couple dogs on the one leash, among a couple other things.  I personally always keep “my side” clipped together after I take it off – which greatly reduces confusion for your early morning walks.

Enjoyment(10/10):  It’s soft, you can adjust the length of it and it allows you to be hands free – what’s not to love?  I enjoy the feeling of safety that I have on my dog not being able to take off without me in tow, and that I could easily detach myself in the case of a getaway pup.  Just a note though that this can be a dangerous item if not used correctly.  While it allows you to be hands free I’d strongly discourage occupying both your hands while using it unless your dog is extremely well trained.  This leash does not stop pulling, jumping… or any other rambunctious activity and the sudden jerk of the leash can hurt you and the dog.

Durability(9/10):  Lilo came to me as a leash fiend, she’d attack the leash and pull as hard as she could – obviously a learned trait from people who walked her in the past.  It’s made me realize pretty fast that she can’t be trusted with a weaker leash but this one holds up.  The material is climbing grade tubular webbing(according to the website).  A strong bite and pull can cause a slight fray in the material and a quick snap and pull can fray the edges.  I have heard rumour that there is a lifetime warranty on this product should your dog destroy it and didn’t believe it until I saw the abuse that Lilo would dish out, and the small effect that she has had.  That being said however – I strongly discourage allowing a dog to chew on a leash as it encourages future leash chewing and destroys your leash.

Smell(10/10): It’s a neutral smell when I got it and after going through many rainy/muddy/hot days it still smells neutral.

Ease of Cleaning(9/10):  Aside from an incident where some burrs got stuck in the leash(instant terror that my gorgeous new leash would be frayed and fuzzy), there have been no issues cleaning it.  It cleans well with just water and any surface objects wipe off easy.  Oh yeah – the burrs came off fairly easily as well.

Feel(10/10):  It’s soft and the padding on Lilo’s end makes holding her close easy and reduces the impact on my hand when she decides to perform a lunge.

Cost:  The leash runs around $35.00 without any of the add-ons that can be used for the leash.

Size:  This leash can adjust from 4′ – 8′ according to the website, but when I stretch out the leash (when it’s as short as it can go) the leash is over 5′ and quickly becomes longer when my half is stretched out and I’m holding onto my handle.

Bottom Line:  This is an amazing leash and I’m glad I grabbed it.  I really can’t state enough how much I enjoy it.  I’m still going to be checking up on different leash styles but I’m finding it hard to believe that I’ll be seeing a better leash for my day-to-day adventures with Lilo.  That being said I would not recommend this leash for owners of smaller dogs as the clip on this leash is fairly large and could seem menacing to a little dog that has a smaller head – it could also be dangerous if the buckle swings and hits the dog.  Lilo at roughly 40lbs seems to be fine with it, but I sometimes felt bad when she was a bit smaller and she turned her face into the buckle.


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