Petstages: Orka Sticks

Advertised as a durable stick that will stand up to tough chewing; the Orka stick is designed to help keep teeth clean while providing a chew toy that can be tossed and carried.

Petstages - Orka Stick

Durability(3/10): The rope dies pretty fast, and the plastic portion isn’t that slow to follow.  Lilo got her teeth around the edge after getting the rope out and just pinched off large chunks of it.  This being said it did last more than five minutes(way more) – but for the cost and promised quality it isn’t holding up.

Entertainment Value(Me: 3/10, Lilo: 6/10): She liked the rope portion, but with how quickly that got pulled out(and put back in) then shredded… it didn’t last long.  I started disliking the work it was putting me through to try and make it last and it wasn’t really the throw and carry around toy that it claims to be.  It also wasn’t much of a puzzle to demolish so overall Lilo ignored it after a short while aside from when her need to demolish took over.

House Safety(7.5/10): This toy is very light and doesn’t overly bounce, it moreso just falls and then lays there.  It’s lightweight and aside from the mess you’ll be cleaning up soon it probably won’t break anything of decent sturdiness.

Smell(8/10): There is almost no smell to this toy when you get it and the rope doesn’t really last long enough to give itself the chance to become stinky.

Ease of Cleaning(6/10): The rope gets frayed fast, there’s not much ability to clean it.  That and the way the toy chips when it’s bitten makes it a tricky thing to keep clean if you are trying to make toys stretch past their prime.  That being said the tube is basically rubber so it’s not the worst thing in the world to try and scrub.

Some Uses: Chewing is the primary purpose of this toy but it could be used for low level tug, and for fetch.

Cost: The regular size comes in at $12.99 plus taxes at the store that I got it from. Link to Amazon.

Sizes Available: I didn’t notice any sizes when I got it but that being said there is apparently a mini that may have been put somewhere else and not right beside the medium-large sized dog chews.

Bottom Line: This is not a product I’m buying again.  The way the product broke down made me realize that I had luckily gotten a dog that doesn’t want to eat the bits that it tears off of its toys – but if she had I may have spent some stressful hours in a vets office.  That being said she is an intense chewer and if you’re looking for something for your dog to hold that’s tubular – this could fit the bill.  There is probably something cheaper though.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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