Canned Salmon

More human food!
Canned Salmon

Brand name aside(I needed a picture from somewhere…), salmon can be a great snack that your pup will greatly appreciate if you get it without any additives.

Entertainment Value/Enjoyment(Me: 3/10, Lilo: 9/10):  Lilo can’t get over how good salmon is.  I can barely get over how many bones I fight to remove from a single can.

Smell(1/10):  It smells strongly of salmon and you’ll smell strongly of it once you’ve delved through the can finding bones.  While I don’t mind salmon and actually like to eat it – preparing Lilo a few bites of salmon can leave me without an appetite for it.

Per Day Limit:  I honestly have no idea what the limit is but I try and break up one can into several days, just a few pinches a few times a day will quickly finish off the salmon.

Training Potential(9/10):  Salmon is her “oh my gosh yum” human food.  When I was baking her salmon cake she was going nuts(usually I’ll give her a little bit while I’m digging out the bones if she is behaving – but this time I needed it all for the cake).  It crumbles into incredibly small pieces and she will do anything for it – top notch for training.

Cost: I’m stumped again.  I usually wait until they are on sale for about $0.50 and then grab a bunch so I can’t say what the regular price is.

Bottom Line:  Lilo loves her salmon and I’ve learned to stomach the de-boning process.  Somebody with a weaker stomach and/or fish allergy might not want to offer this treat to their dog but for those who can stomach the trial of removing bones, their pup may just perform a back-flip in excitement.

Note: Caution should always be used when introducing a new food item into a dogs diet.  The recommendations on this page are not issued from a vet and I have no experience or knowledge in animal nutrition.  My analysis is based purely on my relationship with my dog and I’ve trusted the packaging to be accurate as to the impact it will have on my dogs health. If your dog has special needs, please consult a vet before introducing any treats into their diet, regardless of my recommendations.


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