French Ring Sport

Developed in France; French Ring Sport involves a dog performing a variety of tasks while showing a high degree of self-control and obedience to their guardian. This training can be used for protection purposes though many people only allow bite work to be done during the sport, keeping their pet a companion over guard dog.

French Ring Sport is used to train a dog in obedience while hopefully also exhausting the dogs prey drive for a while. The focus in French Ring Sport should always be on having control(and fun) at all times. There should be no time when a dog in competition ignores his/her guardian. The connection between guardian and dog is critical as well as obedience training so that communication is fast, clear, and understood.

The training for French Ring Sport is an intense activity and it’s important to train ones dog in the proper order so as to have control at all times. Training the dog to attack before the dog is trained to properly release and obey positional commands is irresponsible and dangerous.

I’m currently researching this sport as I need an outlet for Lilo’s prey drive and want to continue testing her intelligence while strengthening our bond. French Ring Sport, when prepared for properly, should achieve us just that.

My pups prey drive has been commented on and is apparently a must for a competing in French Ring Sport as a dog who does not enjoy playing tug, fetch and chase will probably not enjoy this game to the same level as another activity, making the use of it more for the owner than the pup.

With regards to competitions there are a few levels of French Ring Sport, with the highest level involving a wide range of activities. The first step to competing is to pass an aptitude test then there are 3 rings(I, II and III) to work ones way through.

Wikipedia has a list of all the skills displayed at Ring III.

Overall it seems like a fun sport if you can find the right club and/or trainer to work with. The emphasis should be on fun always so that you do not develop fear aggression in your pup.

Hopefully I’ll find a club that I can afford in the near future and can give an update as to what first classes are like and what one can do to prepare for them.

I’m including a link to a championship competition because I was amazed at the skill involved and, more importantly, how much fun the pup was having.
Championship Show – Youtube


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