Petstages: Orka Bone

Described as having a solid construction that helps reduce tartar and massage gums, the Orka Bone seems like a good purchase for dogs that are teething.

Petstage Orka Bone

Durability(9/10): This toy has stood up to hours of my dog chewing on it.  The little ridges on the bone are slowly getting demolished but the amount of work required has been considerable.  The cute little rope thing was gone within seconds of Lilo getting a hold of it but I’d figured that from the start.

Entertainment Value(Me: 4/10, Lilo: 8/10): Lilo does sometimes run around with the Orka Bone but usually she just settles down and chews; relaxing and trying to figure out how to destroy this toy.  I would rate this as one of her preferred toys and I sometimes sit and watch her running around and tossing it – though this activity is rare.

House Safety(7/10): Despite being a relatively heavy, hard, flat piece of rubber the Orka Bone deserves a fairly high rating in terms of house safety.  It doesn’t impact hard floors with much force and when tossed by the pup it doesn’t fly far.  I don’t recommend throwing it more than a few feet if you want to play fetch, but the dog should be safe around most household objects with this toy.

Smell(10/10): There is almost no smell to this toy when you get it, and to date I haven’t caught any negative smells from it.

Ease of Cleaning(10/10): I think I’ve had to wash this toy off once in a few months, it stays clean very well on its own and a quick rinse under the tap does the job nicely.

Some Uses: Chew toy, independent play toy, limited fetch.

Cost: The store I got it from charged $12.00 plus tax with the note that I’ve seen this toy on sale more than a few times. Link to Amazon.

Sizes Available: There is a mini floating around somewhere, but I got the normal sized bone.  This is not a product I’d recommend for a giant but it does well for medium-large sized dogs.

Bottom Line: I can fully recommend this product to dogs of the appropriate size.  I will buy another one when I get a puppy and I will be replacing this one when it wears out.  Or whenever I have the cash and it goes on sale.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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