“Stargazing Dog” – Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami writes a story about a dog and his unlucky owner.  As they move through life the reader gets to see the perspective of the pup – who speaks in full sentences that relay his emotions and thoughts. Stargazing Dog - Takashi MurakamiEase of Reading(9/10): Being a graphic novel it does not read as easily as a non-graphic novel, however it was very well written and I do not recall ever feeling confused as to where to look next.

Accuracy of Information(7/10): As far as science can tell dogs do not think in complete sentences seeing as language is a foreign concept for them.  This can be misleading but overall the human-dog bond was very well portrayed.

Usefulness of Information(7/10): I found that this book was very useful in reminding individuals as to the true character of dogs.  I don’t want to spoil anything but if you’re trying to strengthen your relationship with your dog this will push all the right emotional buttons.  I believe my dog got a hug a few times through this book.

Cost: On the back of the book it reads $11.99. Link to Amazon.

Bottom Line: I loved this book and it’s going to stay on my shelves as a reminder of the story.  I would recommend this to anybody who wants a book on the human-dog bond.


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