CE: Ultimate Trail Pack

Canine Equipment offers an ultimate pack for a day in the trials or camping.  The adjustable backpack is said to be designed based on what working dogs use to ensure that comfort and safety is optimal.

CE Ultimate Trail PackEase of Use(5/10):  Even with Lilo being willing to put on collars, the backpack takes both my hands and a calm environment to guide over her head.  The straps aren’t the easiest to adjust and it will take a few minutes to snap together.  I strongly suggest taking the side bags off first to adjust the harness portion as the bags make it almost impossible.  Getting the weight to balance is critical as well as the bags cause the harness to slide easily and that rubbing isn’t ideal.  I can’t easily see how to make the design better however and once everything is adjusted and the mechanisms figured out it flows fairly well – just be ready to use some dexterity.

Enjoyment(7/10):  Lilo took time to adjust to her backpack but now relates it to walks and happy times.  She will readily take on heavier weight and my ability to sit back without worrying about how I’ll carry her toys/water give me less of a headache on busy days.

Effectiveness(8/10):  It tires her out and let’s me not carry things.  The bags are fairly trim but I wouldn’t want them to bulkier due to that leading to too much sitting on my pups frame.  When she was younger the straps wouldn’t fit her waist but her chest was heavily at the size up so I had the choice of either no backpack or some sliding.  The sliding reduced the amount of weight I could put on her as I didn’t want her to get hurt.  Now that she fits the pack properly she can take on a good deal of weight.

Durability(10/10):  We’ve gone through a decent amount of environments together and the backpack shows no obvious signs of wear and tear except for some dirt on it.

Appearance(9/10): The zippers glow in the dark and the white stripes are actually reflective so you aren’t doomed to disappearing into the night.  There’s also a red version that I really wanted but it wasn’t on sale at the time so I got the black backpack.

Smell(10/10): It comes to you smelling neutral and despite going through some interesting grass rolling adventures, I don’t notice a smell when I pick it up.

Ease of Cleaning(6.5/10):  For the most part it’s easy to clean, except that it’s a backpack.  If crumbs or something that crumbles got in the backpack I would not want to be stuck sitting there trying to shake it out.  That being said if you choose wisely what is put in the bag you should have no problems.

Feel(10/10):  It’s a water resistant material on top and soft padding underneath so that your pup gets comfort supreme.  The handle on the backpack is slightly padded and the clips are a medium-weight plastic that feels comfortable in your hand.

Cost:  The website says that they’ll run between $70.00 and $90.00 and I can’t recall what I paid for the backpack when it was on sale at a store.

Size:  There are a few sizes available that are based on a few measurements – if you can bring your pup into the store to fit the backpack onto it I’d say that’s ideal as it’s a little tricky to eyeball this if you haven’t done it before.

Bottom Line:  Any dog I have that will fit one of these will get one.  Once again Canine Equipment excels and passes my expectations and if you need some help draining your dogs energy, or just carrying toys.  Can’t say much more about this other than if you think it could help and you have the cash – get it.  Make sure that your dog has no health problems that could be aggravated by a backpack though.


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