This & That: Chew This Antler

This & That have come out with a chew/treat product that is: antlers!

This & That - Chew This Antlers

Coming in a variety of sizes and shapes, antler chews are an available solution for dogs that love to chew.

Entertainment Value/Enjoyment(Me: 3.5/10, Lilo: 8/10):  This is not a favourite toy of hers, but watching her try to pick up her piece and move it in/out of her crate is more than mildly amusing and shows that she does enjoy it during quieter times.  Other than that my enjoyment comes from pondering how many hours she’ll have before she finished it(the answer at this moment is quite a few).

Smell(9/10):  There’s no smell to it and I doubt it will last long enough to start to smell.

Per Day Limit:  Let the pups at them – there’s no real nutritional risk that I can see and they’re soft enough to be okay for the average pups teeth.  Once again though I’m no vet – please consult your vet if you have any doubts.

Training Potential(0.5/10):  You might be able to use it to calm down your pup but Lilo will only do a couple tricks for this before wanting it to chew on.

Cost: Varies on the size that you get them.  The largest are available for about $25.00 to $30.00.  I’ve been told that the best bones are the ones with white cores and that are flattered as opposed to more round as dogs can lose interest when they can’t reach the marrow.  Link to Amazon.

Bottom Line:  Lilo greatly enjoys her antler and I will most likely buy her more throughout her lifetime.  Finding a good one can take some care but it’s a clean, edible chew that after much personal debate I classified as a treat.  If you have the cash then feel free to try it.  Lilo is crushing hers slowly, over hours of sitting thing patiently gnawing at the edges.

Note: Caution should always be used when introducing a new food item into a dogs diet.  The recommendations on this page are not issued from a vet and I have no experience or knowledge in animal nutrition.  My analysis is based purely on my relationship with my dog and I’ve trusted the packaging to be accurate as to the impact it will have on my dogs health. If your dog has special needs, please consult a vet before introducing any treats into their diet, regardless of my recommendations.


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