Nylabone: Durachew Big

Nylabone advertises the Durachew as virtually indestructible.  When virtually meets reality it’s supposed to flake off into tiny pieces that are safe for your dog to process.
Nylabone Durachew BigDurability(9.5/10): It isn’t perfect, but it’s close.  The Durachew has proven itself to properly flake off into the rice-sized granules that the packaging promised.  It starts to fray fairly easily, but Lilo hasn’t gotten too far on it since getting it to the rough stage.

Entertainment Value(Me: 4/10, Lilo: 9/10): She will tote this to wherever I am with my gift being the thud that it creates on any hard surface it touches.  I gave myself a low rating on this as she will chew this till her gums are sore so I have to make sure to note the time she gets it and then take it away from her before she does damage to herself – though she’s getting better at stopping in time as time goes on.  That being said she is in blissful euphoria while chewing this thing and her teeth have become noticeably cleaner as a result.

House Safety(3/10): This is a heavy item.  I joked to my boyfriend that I could club an intruder with it, and if I were so inclined to violence I probably could use it in self-defense.  I gave it a three out of ten because it isn’t about to explode or ooze over anything, but if your dog likes to pick it up and drop it like mine does… I hope you have carpet or a good strong tile.

Smell(10/10): Very mild smell if any and it hasn’t picked up anything since I got it.

Ease of Cleaning(6/10): Once you get the rice-pieces starting the chewed part easily catches fluff/dog fur and this isn’t the easiest thing to clean.  That being said this doesn’t absorb liquid messes and the not-gnarled portions are almost always perfectly clean.

Some Uses: This is a chew toy almost exclusively, the high weight makes alternative uses not so much an option.

Cost: The pet store that I got it from charged $22.00 for the large ones. Link to Amazon for the turkey flavor.

Sizes Available: This is one item that you again should go up in size if you have a doubt as to what size to get for your pup.  There are a variety of flavours and sizes of this brand but I believe the Durachew Big style is just this size, with beef and turkey being the two flavours that I’ve seen thus far.

Bottom Line: I enjoy letting Lilo chew on this one and will be replacing it once she destroys it.  I can feel safe that she isn’t going to hurt herself tearing off a chunk of plastic and she gets to chew away for a couple hours at a time.  For high level chewers I would definitely recommend this product, for dogs that like to throw their toys – less so.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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