“Good Owners, Great Dogs” – Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson

Focusing on a balanced training approach, “Good Owners, Great Dogs” works to help owners solve their “bad dog” problems by understanding the body language of the pup.  Corrections are not shunned but care is made to ensure that people know what is a “correction” and what is “useless/abusive”.

Good Owners, Great Dogs Ease of Reading(8/10): Rather easy for the most part but I can recall at times needing to put the book down to let my mind relax.  There’s plenty to keep you interested but some pages were less easy than others to get through.  The examples and stories set aside helped to keep the book interesting and upbeat throughout so I’d give this a decently high rating.  When reading it I was thinking of friends who want their first dog and could benefit from this books way of explaining things in terms accessible to new owners.

Accuracy of Information(9.5/10): I’m a fan of balanced training and supporting a dog positively when possible but I’m also a fan of doing what a dog needs to be happy and that means that if a correction is needed – it should be there.  Brian explains when corrections should be used and how they should be used so that communication is enhanced and all parties are safe.  Overall, I remember agreeing almost entirely throughout the book though there were a couple points that I vaguely recall tilting my head at so I can’t give this a 10/10 as I can’t recall the issues, just the feeling.

Usefulness of Information(10/10): This helped me understanding basic dog training to a much higher degree and helped strengthen my understanding of dog behaviour.  While some of it was review I gained a lot from it and people who have less inclination to read everything dog they see will probably gather a lot of information from these pages.

Cost: The cover shows $19.99 Canadian. Link to Amazon.

Bottom Line: I feel decidedly lucky to have picked this book off a shelf randomly.  I think of it fondly and if I’m going to help somebody find their first dog I’ll probably put this down on the required reading before purchase.  Well worth the money and time if you want a balanced approach to dog training.


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