Earth Rated: PoopBags

Earth Rated offers a lavender scented poop bag that is eco friendly and long enough to keep you from handling your dogs leftovers.
Earth Rated - PoopBags Smell(5/10)I honestly don’t appreciate the lavender scent as I try to avoid things that are scented, however, I do have to admit that I rarely notice the scent of Lilo’s offerings unless I’m walking for a few minutes with it.  Wether that’s a reflection of my dogs or the scenting I don’t know but I’ll give it a pass.

Durability(10/10):  These bags don’t seem to break.  My boyfriend has put them through the wash and I tentatively used them(what, I’m on a budget) – no breakage to the point where I don’t doubt them even if they’ve been spun and dried.  They are durable to the point that I really wonder just how eco-friendly they are.

Usability(9/10) I don’t have much issue opening the bags, they slip open fairly easily and I’ve yet to see a mishap occur when I separate the bags from the role.  The value pack bags tend to be larger in size than your average doggy bag so that also provides you with more pick-up room.

Cost: I’m a bit stumped.  I’ve paid from $5.00 to $9.00 for these(I’ve only ever bought these on sale) I can’t quite remember what the going price is.  Link to Amazon.

Sizes/Styles:  Earth Rated offers PoopBags that are included in dispensers, bags that have handles, and then the value pack roles.  I personally prefer the pack roles because they are easy to tie off with a loop, they come in a large pack so there’s less packaging required per bag, and I can just fold up 4 bags if I plan on going for a long walk instead of having the carrying container swaying around tempting Lilo to misbehave(how she loves those things).

Bottom Line:  I have yet to see something better, so for now these are the brand that I use.  They’re also useful in that you’ll often have an extra one in your pocket right when you’re trying to find a quick garbage bag for your friends ice cream cone that’s melting and no longer wanted.


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