Jolly Egg

Promised to be perfect for dogs who like to chase, the Jolly Egg is designed to be hard to grasp and bite – making it a hopeful ideal for high energy dogs that love to wrestle with their targets.
Jolly Egg

While my dog seemed to not grasp the concept during her first introduction, the toy has quickly become well loved by her and excitement abounds as she throws this toy around – convinced that she’ll wrestle it into submission one day.

Durability(10/10): She’s not doing anything to the hard exterior.  The exterior is also large enough that I’m not worried about her being able to crack her teeth on it – she just slides off now matter how she tries to grab it.  It has held up to her antics, my chins and my walls/furniture.

Entertainment Value(Me: 8.5/10, Lilo: 10/10): Unless I have a headache I love watching her jumping and wheeling and pushing this toy around.  It engages her so completely that she sometimes loses track of her environment and crashes into an object.  After a couple weeks of play she grew bored of this toy and ignored it so I put it away.  After a few weeks I threw it out into the yard again and she couldn’t get enough so it seems like a toy that you want to restrict access to occasionally so that they don’t get tired of it.

House Safety(1/10): It’s not about to explode or ooze onto anything but if you have anything delicate near floor level I’d move it pretty quickly.  This is advertised as an outdoor item but being in a large city I can’t afford to let my dog run loose outside so the play stays in the living room most days.  I thankfully own nothing expensive so I don’t mind the terror that is, though I restrict play hours to times that I know all the babies on the floor are awake and not trying to nap.

Smell(10/10): Yet another toy with no smell.  I’m starting to think that this section is unnecessary.

Ease of Cleaning(9/10): Super easy, aside from the fact that it isn’t easy to hold onto… a gentle wipe or rinse off should be more than enough to keep it clean.

Some Uses: This is mostly an independent play toy.  While you can kind of kick it/throw it, it’s hard to handle and it’s tough so when you kick it wrong it hurts.

Cost: Amazon says $19.99 and I’ll choose to believe that because I only vaguely remember buying this and the receipt is long since lost.  Seems right though. Link to Amazon.

Sizes Available: I saw on Amazon an 8″ and 12″.  The only one I saw in the store was the one I bought so I have no idea if there are others.  Jolly tends to make a variety of sizes for their other products however.

Bottom Line: I greatly enjoy it.  If Lilo ever manages to wear it out, which I’m starting to doubt, I will replace it.  For high energy dogs with a backyard I would recommend this – though I would also recommend not allowing this to be played with alone as Lilo can get very worked up and I wouldn’t want her to wind up hurting herself, or going after some other small animal that wandered by in the yard.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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