“The Modern Dog” – Stanley Coren

Exploring the co-evolution of humans and dogs, Stanley Coren uses his scientific knowledge to deliver a readable account of various theories on humans and dogs over the years.

The Modern Dog

This is a book built for giving more knowledge on the human-dog bond as it’s formed throughout history.  This is not for people who choose to subscribe to religious beliefs that say that evolution is a lie, he talks about knowledge based on theories such as evolution, and uses his knowledge on archaeology to help further the book.
Ease of Reading(8/10): Very easy to read through though I suspect some of the ease for me comes from a deeper understanding of theories than what the average individual might have.  I still enjoyed how he explained the theories and appreciated the easy way in which he did so.

Accuracy of Information(9.5/10): When it came to the human side of his statements he sometimes presents a theory that has many sibling theories as being the only child which I didn’t really appreciate.  I do have to admit to this point though that the theory he presents is the dominant theory and talking about the side theories would not be relevant to his book.

Usefulness of Information(9/10): Not very useful for dog training but it really helped me learn about dogs and how the human-dog bond has shifted over history.  I feel like it helped me a lot for the level that I was at with dog training by insight to factors surrounding dog ownership.

Cost: $14.59 on Amazon. Link to Amazon.

Bottom Line: This is a wonderful book for understanding some history on our relationship with our dogs.  To me this can help strengthen your bond but if you’re not looking for something beyond how to train this isn’t the book for you.  As mentioned above if you don’t believe in evolution you may also want to avoid said book.


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