CE: Martingale Collar

Canine Equipment offers a cloth and chain martingale collar that is designed to be just as tough as the leash.

CE - Martingale Collar

Ease of Use(3/10): In terms of martingale collars this is really easy to put on.  Martingale collars are designed to fit loosely on the neck, becoming a little snug when the chain is pulled.  It is not designed to choke the dog and shouldn’t be used as such.  I give this a low rating due to the nature of martingale collars – as many people could abuse them fairly heavily.  This isn’t a collar to use when your dog may need to break out it – as there is no clip to provide a weak point.  If you know how to properly use a martingale collar I’d deem this a 9.5/10 as it’s very well designed but is harder to adjust on the dog due to not having a clip.  If you don’t know how to use a martingale please get training before using it, I can’t stress the importance of proper training enough with collars that are designed to tighten.  I personally prefer martingales to any other collar because it can sit loose on the neck without having the ability to just slip off but it is a tool that when used wrong can create problems.

Enjoyment(10/10):  When used properly a martingale lets you communicate with a gentle touch(one or two rings of tension in the collar) and sound, letting you communicate without much force.  With Lilo being a hyper dog, and coming to me as a rambunctious teenager this hasn’t been the case with her, yet.  However when I used it on other dogs that I’ve walked(this was their collar already) they were absolutely amazing so it’s not the products fault, it’s that training is key with this style of collar – this is not a collar to use and expect an instant transformation.  In terms of this collar I appreciate how wide the material is and the overall solid design because it means I know Lilo won’t snap it.

Durability(10/10):  I haven’t noticed any visible wear and tear on it through the past few months, it’s fading in colour very slightly but not too strongly despite it being her collar 24/7.

Smell(10/10): It’s a neutral smell when I got it and after going through many rainy/muddy/hot days it still smells neutral, just like the leash.

Ease of Cleaning(7/10):  It is fairly easy to clean everywhere but at the two ends of the cloth portion, which requires mild effort.

Feel(10/10):  The material is just as awesome as with the leash and the metal is very smooth and enjoyable as well.  It’s of a decent weight and so I wouldn’t use it on a dog that has neck problems but for a healthy dog it seems enjoyable(Lilo loves her collar and will rush over if I wave it for her to put on).

Cost:  The collar is just above $30.00 from what I’ve been able to see.  However on their website I only see web martingales now and no metal chains so I’m not sure if they have discontinued that line or not.

Size:  This collar comes in many many sizes and I honestly can’t tell you all of them.  If you find a store that carries the line you can go in and sort through them.  My dog is 40lbs and the collar she has right now is too big for her even at its smallest but I’d bought the collar for another rescue and didn’t realize until it was too late that Lilo was a fair bit smaller.  I’ll be replacing the collar for a smaller one in(hopefully) the same line soon when I get a job.

Bottom Line:  This is a wonderful collar that hosts all of Lilo’s ID tags and is her main collar.  I keep it on her at almost all times and couldn’t imagine using something else.  I’d recommend this collar for any friend who understands how martingale collars are used and would be more than willing to show those who don’t understand it, how it’s used.  If an individual wants a collar just for ID purposes and has a harness for the rest of the time this could be the collar for them though they may want to look into a breakaway collar if their dog likes to get caught on things.


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