Ourpets: LOLdog Mood Ball

Ourpets has come out with LOLdog plush toys.  Meant to resemble the emoticons used in digital communications, Ourpets promises to provide the store aisle with humour and a splash of colour.
Ourpet - Mood BallLilo beelined to a bucket of these guys in the store.  They were on sale for $2 and seemed to be of higher quality than her current fluffy so I decided to take one of whatever she liked – I recall there being a noticeable difference between a likeable stuffy and an unwanted one.

Durability(3/10): These toys don’t handle the beating that Lilo lovingly dishes out to them, which is strange considering her full-time fluffy friend is worth $0.50 and holds up to her for weeks, including unsupervised play.  With this toy though she’ll cuddle gently for a few minutes, race around squeaking it for a few more and then you blink and woah that’s a lot of fluff all over the floor.  Now to be fair I have only given her one thus far.  Holding another one as we speak and she’s staring at me with $0.50 in her mouth, we’ll do a trade.  It’s been a few minutes, I haven’t even finished writing and she has a hole in it already.  The squeaker is mighty tempting apparently.  If I play fetch she loses interest in destruction but watching her chewing it for a few seconds makes me realize this doesn’t hold up when compared to other toys.  A few minutes unsupervised and there is stuffing everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  You wouldn’t think that much stuffing fits into that small a container but you’d be very horrifically wrong.

Entertainment Value(Me: 7/10, Lilo: 9.5/10): It’s a softer, squeaky version of her favourite toy.  She likes to wrestle it down to find the squeaker but, thankfully for me, it isn’t too easy to find behind all that fluff.  She has to work for a bit before she can fit her mouth over the toy enough to make it squeak and at current point is running from one end of the room to the other with it.  Overall I’m content that she has it, her antics push my enjoyment up to a 10/10 and the squeaking pushes it down to 7/10, especially when she comes up to me and squeaks it furiously(as if to say I should be proud of her hunting skills).

House Safety(10/10): It’s a giant fluffy ball… aside from drool soaking into something after it’s abandoned, or fluffy stuffing getting caught in something I don’t think there’s much reason to worry.

Smell(10/10): Yet another toy that has no smell when you get it.  I’ve yet to see one lasting long enough to smell, I can report from her similar(non-squeaking) stuffy that it shouldn’t smell after a few weeks of abuse should it survive.

Ease of Cleaning(5/10): It wipes off fairly easily but if it were to get covered in something I would honestly sigh and throw it out, the something would just soak into it and be gross….  The stuffing is fairly easy to clean up as it sticks together in large groups so you don’t have that many bits to clean up.

Some Uses: Fetch, independent play, torturing people who are sensitive to high-pitched noises…

Cost: $6.99 seems to be the current price on Amazon. Amazon is calling it a cat toy however my dog knows it’s a dogs toy and I’m fairly convinced by her and the Ourpets website.  I’ve not heard of these being offered in a cat variety but I could be wrong.

Sizes Available: As far as I know there isn’t a difference in sizes, however there are variants in style.  They have an angel, a devil, lovestruck, angry, skull, zonked, nauseous, caffeinated, sly guy and ninja.

Bottom Line: They made her happy so I’m content with having gotten them.   I can’t trust her for more than a moment with it alone however so I’m not likely to buy this for independent play.  When she gets older and calms down I may try it again but I wouldn’t recommend this for dogs that like to de-stuff their toys… there will be a lot to clean up.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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