“Modern Dog Magazine”

A Canadian magazine about dogs, Modern Dog Magazine gathers articles from members of the scientific community as well as craft fiends, random people, and dog trainers.
Modern Dog MagazineI originally looked into Modern Dog Magazine because of a recommendation in one of Stanley Coren’s books, I was not disappointed, at first.

Ease of Reading(10/10): It’s got pretty pictures and accessible language for the most part. 

Accuracy of Information(7/10): I love the scientific portions but I’ve read some really bad book recommendations from the readers club that they have on there.  Some good ones too though (see: Stargazing Dog).

Usefulness of Information(4/10): I love a lot of the information in the book though admittedly there is stuff in there that I will never use(certain recipes/craft projects).  The dog advice lady gives horrendous advice and I honestly can’t tell sometimes if half of her recommendations are satire or not.  I have seen a few posts since originally getting this book that made me cringe and it has made me not renew.

Cost: To subscribe for a year is ~$16.00.  It’s more expensive naturally in stores.

Bottom Line: I was originally thrilled with this series until recently when the articles have proven to be less than healthy for a persons development.  The magazine appears to be more interested in trends and fashions than in happiness and functionality.  That is just my opinion though.


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