Sporn: Halter

The Sporn Halter was recommended to me by an employee of a pet store that I used to frequent.  I’d gone in with Lilo trying her hardest to lick every employee in sight.  I showed concern over a head halter as I know dogs don’t take to it and she smiled and ran me to the harness section.  After a brief consult she threw one of these on my dog in record time and told me to walk around and make sure it was the right thing for us.

sporn halter

I have to say I’m impressed.  It doesn’t stop her from jumping up on people if they get close but we are learning that now that we can actually approximate people without lunging on the leash so hard one feels like gasping for air in sympathy of her lungs.

Ease of Use(1/10): If Lilo was one of those fiend dogs that won’t let you put things on them I’d be doomed.  To put this on you lift the current collar(the one with all the pretty tags) and snap the collar on.  The next step can be done of two ways, unclip one lead and thread it under the leg and back to the clip OR you can gently lift your dogs leg up and then loop the lead under.  Either way you will be adjusting the length setting on the back as it doesn’t seem to like to just be in one spot and work effectively.  This isn’t a halter that auto-corrects, you have to be alert and ready to train – but if you are you’ll get your benefits.

As a note: With the length of the leg bands being a decent length one also has to be careful how close you get to people because you don’t have the same control as with a shorter collar (the rope provides extra length).

Enjoyment(10/10):  I nearly cried in the pet store when we first tried this on Lilo.  I was one of those people from dog training shows that’s crying and all “this is MY dog, this is the dog that I know and love and she’s outside with people”.  Complete disbelief at how she instantly relaxed and just took in the world around her, listening to my rules.  Now that she’s gotten more used to it she tries for some stupid tactics but I can reign her in easier with this halter.  It’s not a solver of all problems, but it sure can help get you into the areas that you need to be in for training.  Lilo also seems to be fine with the halter and will put up with all the steps that I need to go through to get it on her.

Durability(8/10):  I’m giving this one an 8 because the first one I got was defective and wasn’t working quite right(the buckle portion wasn’t working and would snap open).  I do have to say though it was a flawless conversation with Sporn about getting myself a new halter; I emailed them, they asked for pictures and my address and the size I’d purchased, I got a new one in the mail shortly after.  The current one is working wonderfully and has been proving itself to not be prone to the defect that I originally had, so I’m very grateful over that.

Ease of Cleaning(6/10):  It fades in colour fairly fast and gets a dusty appearance.  everything comes apart fairly easy but I’m not looking forward to the first time I really go into cleaning everything.

Feel(10/10):  The material is just as awesome as with the leash and the metal is very smooth and enjoyable as well.  It’s of a decent weight and so I wouldn’t use it on a dog that has neck problems but for a healthy dog it seems enjoyable(Lilo loves her collar and will rush over if I wave it for her to put on).

Cost:  The website shows a cost of $22.00 but Amazon once again pulls through on most sizes with sales. “Sporn Pet Halter” Amazon Search.

Size:  They have everything from “small” to “extra large”.

Bottom Line:  This halterrepaired a fraying relationship with Lilo and I.  While I would never have abandoned her, she had my nerves on edge.  With this halter we could go out (somewhat) near people and that enhances training potential by so much.  If I want to travel to a new space I know I can take her with me because of this halter.  I can’t say enough good things about it for what it did – it has its drawbacks but I’m going to say that it’s a great halter for what I want it to do.  I’m excited to have added this tool to my arsenal of things I’m comfortable working with to help dogs.


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