Taking a Short Break

Hey guys,

Between trying to find a job and having no money I have a) run into the problem of not having that many things to review any more and b) run out of any buffer due to job searching/cover letter writing.

I’m hoping my luck changes within the next week or two so I’ll  be able to stop writing so many cover letters and be able to write a blog post a day.  Plus with a job I’ll be able to start buying things again.  I’ll keep writing updates on Mondays regardless to keep everybody posted.

In the meantime though I’d love to get some feedback!  If you have been wanting to see something on here(toys, treats, leashes, books, etc) please let me know.  This is a great time for me to reformat my efforts if I’m going to do it so if you want to see a different format in how I present items it would also be great to see comments.

If you’re really shy feel free to use the Contact Me section.

Sorry for the break so early into my starting this blog up – hopefully I’ll get a buffer going so this doesn’t happen again.

Take care.

P.S.    If by any chance anybody on here know of somebody who would sponsor me I’d love to have a chat about that.  Free dog products to test for here would be loved. =)


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