Earth Rated Halloween Photo Contest

The maker of my current delightful disposal unit of undelights, EARTH RATED™ is having a Halloween Hounds photo contest for pups that are dressed up in the spirit of Halloween.

Lilo Halloween Costume 2013

I’ve previously reviewed their PoopBags and can report that I’m still using them and haven’t found anything comparable on the market so far. If you are also a fan then the prize of a years supply of PoopBags should be a pretty good motivational agent to training your pup to tolerate some handling and costuming. If a years supply of baggies don’t tempt you then the other treats that are hinted at may be something you’re looking for.

This the second year that they’re doing this and last year they handed out a one-year supply of EARTH RATED™ PoopBags as well as a Planet Dog gift basket. They had weekly winners and six staff-picked winners.

This year is a little different. They have five categories(Funniest Costume, Scariest Costume, Cutest Costume, Most Creative Costume and Best in Show) that will be focused on so your creativity(or humour) may know no limits.

It is a voting contest, with the note that staff has final say over who wins so feel free to check it out and vote even if you don’t want to enter. With last year having 359 entries you are bound to find some pictures that make you smile or even laugh, maybe aww.

Halloween Hounds has a due date on entries of October the 29th so if you need some time you have it however the sooner you have the pups picture in the more votes you are able to gather so if you have time today feel free to jump in. It is open to both Canada and the USA so if you aren’t from one of these two your options are limited down to voting, sorry. The rules are that the photo must be your own and the picture needs to clearly show a dog in a costume. To enter go to the Halloween Hounds Facebook page, Like the page(top right corner), and enter the contest by clicking “Submit an Entry” or view entries by clicking “View Entries”.

Lilo is lined up and ready for her entry and I’m hoping that I’ll see many happy canines in interesting costumes. To note: please make sure to accessorize responsibly and stick with what your dog is comfortable with. This can be a great training opportunity to teach your pup to tolerate handling and if you use enough treats they may just think it’s the best game yet. 😉


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