Bruin: Tricky Treats Dog Toy

The packaging states that it prevents unwanted chewing, that it’s easy to grab for dogs of all sizes and that it eliminates boredom and loneliness while providing endless hours of challenging fun.
Tricky Treats Dog Toy - Bruin

Note: This product appears to have two versions from two companies, this one is from Bruin Enterprises.

I can’t agree with that assessment in the least.  There are a few design flaws in this version of the toy that lead to an interesting clean-up that left me dissatisfied.

Durability(1/10): She had destroyed the entry point with about 3 minutes of half-supervision(in reality she did it in about 30 seconds).  I was attempting to teach her how to roll the toy to get the kibble but she would grab it and run (which would cause a splattering of treats that she’d then go clean up) – so I figured this was good enough and when my friend called me over I went to attend to the issue.  When I next looked over at my pup there was orange plastic all over as she was trying to chew into the hole.

Entertainment Value(Me: 1/10, Lilo: 3/10): She was frustrated because the opening to the toy is actually designed so that kibble can’t fall out easily – you have to almost “bounce” this toy to get kibble out of the top (it’s bottlenecked on the inside).  I wasn’t amused because she felt her only option was destruction after a few minutes of trying, and failing, to get kibble out through rolling/shaking it.  Trying to get the food out myself after it was busted up was frustrating despite the holes present that were helping me.

House Safety(3.5/10): This is a hard plastic and when it is rolled hard or dropped makes quite the thud.  I wouldn’t trust it near anything breakable or any fragile floor surfaces.

Smell(10/10): There was no smell when I got it.  That being said this would be nearly impossible to clean so I imagine it would gather a stench at time goes on.  As this is hypothetical I will leave this as a 10 but points will be lost below.

Ease of Cleaning(1/10): One can fairly easily wipe the outside off assuming no carnage has been done but, due to the inner lip, you won’t be able to easily clean the inner portion – so whatever you put in there will leave its residue and you’ll be stuck with it.  My thoughts on that: Eww.

Some Uses: Treat dispenser, independent play is advertised but I would strongly urge for supervised play only as this doesn’t look very friendly to a pups digestive tract.

Cost: I purchased this for $14.99 plus tax at a local pet store.  The Omega Paw version is about the same on Amazon.

Sizes Available: It appears as though this is the only size available from Bruin Enterprises.

Bottom Line: Nope.  This isn’t quality material compared to other treat toys I’ve seen since.  As far as I can tell it’s a cheaper version of the Omega Paw in terms of material and build so I think I was given misguided information on this toy as the employees there probably thought they had the top model.  I’d be interested in trying the Omega Paw version but for now I am sceptical of this build of toy.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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