“101 ways to Do More with Your Dog” – Kyra Sundance

Kyra Sundance has created a book that is intended to give you 101 ways to do more with your dog.  The focus is said to be on things such as sports, games, exercise, bonding and such.

101 Ways to Do More With Your Dog - Kyra Sundance

I was rather let down by this book to be honest as it was more of a “these are things that people do with dogs” book than a “these is things you can do with your dog”.

Ease of Reading(7/10): Fairly easy to read if you break it into chunks, her writing lacked any flair that promised to keep me on for more than one topic however so it took me awhile to read.

Accuracy of Information(7/10): While the book was accurate on things that people do with their dogs, I saw at least one time when Kyra talked about an activity that isn’t healthy(specifically yoga, this isn’t a human health blog so I’m going to suggest curiosity to either leave a comments or to search Google (= ).  This made me rather unhappy as I then didn’t know when she was talking out of a scientific knowledge or just from things that she saw.

Usefulness of Information(4/10): I learned of a couple new activities but I honestly knew almost all of the activities present and would have found these extras within two minutes of open-minded Google use.  Many of the activities aren’t something you can do with YOUR dog, but that you could maybe do with ANOTHER dog in the future – seeing eye dog, autistic therapy dogs, police dogs, etc.  I was really unhappy with this because if I had bought this book to do more with my dog, I wouldn’t have gotten the amount of information that I was expecting from a book that claimed to give me ways to do more with my pup.  Also to note is that if you don’t actually have Google you still won’t have a great idea of how to do these activities and will have to do further research to get a feel for what they actually are.

Cost: Amazon lists the paperback for $15.87 with the note that it is normally $21.99 so if you go to stores expect to pay more.  There is a kindle edition for $8.79 if that is the way you are inclined, there are a lot of pictures so please keep that in mind.

Bottom Line: It wasn’t what I expected.  For those who want a book that just lets them go “cool” about the things done with dogs this could be a great book.  It’s important to understand that(from what I understand) this is written by somebody who does stunt tricks with her dogs for a living – this isn’t written with somebody who has poured half a lifetime into learning dog psychology and it isn’t written by somebody who checked studies to see if it’s good or not to do said activity.  So if you want to use this as a starting point feel free but remember that it isn’t what I’d consider a top authority on things that you can do with your dog.  Plus – you can always ask me to investigate certain activities and I can do the research for you. ;D


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