Remembrance Day

It is the eleventh of November, which means that today is a day meant for remembering those who served to keep us safe, those who were lost to such causes and those surrounding the war who suffered in all the ways that war gives cause to suffer.

I was going to post a review but have opted instead to write a quick message about today. As a day where we are to remember the true cost of war so that we may not forget, let us also turn and give thanks to the families that gave their dogs to the war and feel sorrow for the many that never heard of or saw them again.  Tragedies were made all around and decisions were poor at times and dogs and their families suffered for it.  Hundreds of dogs were put into service on both sides of the war, for a variety of purposes.  Some were abandoned after some wars and some were safely delivered back to their homes, but those were few.  It is important to remember this cost just like any other, and please take the time to think of, and thank, the dogs and their handlers that dedicate their lives to helping people be safe, overseas and not.

War is a cruel act that discards many to despair, let us remember so we do not repeat.

Take care.


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