Kygen Outward Hound – Quick Access Treat ‘N Training Bag

Outward Hound has invented a treat bag that gives quick access to treats/kibble so that you can keep focusing on training.Outward Hound - Quick Access Treat 'N Training Bag I personally sport the blue around my waist so as to match my pups collar. 

Ease of Use(8/10): The mesh front pouch isn’t good for much other than perhaps poop bags, but the band doesn’t feel tight enough to trust.  The opening is protected by a bar that when snapped open forms a trapezoid and gives you easy access to the kibble inside.  The clips to put the bag on are very easy to use until you have to take it off then you’ll start to struggle a bit.  There is also an interior pouch with Velcro that I suppose could be used for high value treats but it’s situated so low I often find kibble spilling in, I’ve put keys/poop bags in there with some success.

Enjoyment(9/10):  This gives me quick access to kibble for training in a way that keeps my dog focused on me.  It sits fairly nicely on the hip though it is a bit too large for my tastes.  This could just be due to my small size though and the average person would most likely find that it fits them comfortably.

Durability(9/10):  It has proven to be solidly sturdy so far and I’m pretty content with it.

Smell(10/10): It smells fairly nice and is slowly taking on the scent of the kibble so all in all it’s not too bad.

Ease of Cleaning(4/10):  It dumps out fairly okay however I’m going to have to actually wash this out sometime soon and I’m not looking forward to it.  That being said I’ve gone quiet awhile without having to wash it so it probably balances out to a decent deal in terms of training to washing time.

CostAmazon states that it is normally $20.00 but offers it $7.50.

Bottom Line:  This has made life so much more fun for Lilo and I.  I can take treats with me in a way that gives me quick access while still being discreet(to the dog, not people – something that blue stands out).  It also makes me feel like a “real trainer” and that confidence boost can give me patience and a jump when I’m tired or Lilo feels rebellious.  If using treats to get behaviours that you want is something you do, I’d say get this.  Put it on for walks, for training, meal time even.  It can change your relationship with your dog if you let it.


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