FURminator – deSheddingtool

A device claimed to reduce shedding by 90%, the FURminator’s deSheddingtool was something I wanted dearly to try on Lilo.

FURminator - deSheddingtool

The FURminator brings with it a large price tag so I was deterred at first but managed to find one for surprisingly cheap and thus – a review is being made!

Ease of Use(9/10): The FURminator requires almost no force to use and it really shouldn’t be used with force as the blades seem to part into the hair fairly well.  I found that grooming certain regions such as the legs/tail is almost impossible given the design of the blade but the rest of the body moved fairly well.  The grip makes holding it easy so it’s pretty simple in terms of grooming.  It lost a point on the mark of the convenient hair removal button that slides a piece of plastic down the back of the blade to dislodge the hair – it doesn’t always work(it usually doesn’t work unless it’s really windy out though it does help some).

Enjoyment(9/10):  This device allowed me to quickly groom down Lilo without using three or more brushes so I’m pretty happy.  Lilo would co-operate readily for grooming time so I’m assuming that she didn’t mind it either as she’ll walk away when she dislikes something about grooming.

Durability(9.5/10):  I’ve heard rumours of the blade being replaceable but I can’t see how that’s possible.  Overall though it is a very sturdy device and I haven’t noticed anything bad about it yet.  The sticker does start to remove itself over time so that’s an inconvenience.  My main bother is still that it doesn’t seem like I can just replace the blade which would have been nice given the price tag it carries including the environmental benefit such an ability would have.

Ease of Cleaning(4/10):  In not being able to take this apart for cleaning I’m giving this a fail.  I groomed a friends dog that had a lot of dandruff and it took me awhile to clean between the blades.  Despite this effort I’m still not convinced it’s fully clean due to the sliding mechanism of the hair removal blade and how it sits in the device.

Efficiency/Effectiveness(9/10):  I can’t say that there’s a ton less fur around but I can say that my grooming time has been reduced GREATLY.   I have to groom her for a shorter amount of time less often and the other brushes just don’t get the same amount of fur up as this brush does – for a fun experiment I did old routine then followed up with the furminator and I was shocked by how much it was pulling up.  I think my current problem with it may be that she grew in a short summer coat and this blade may not be meant for that, more testing will have to be done come her winter coat.

Feel(8/10):  Don’t smack yourself with the blade as it does scratch(did I mention be gentle when brushing?) but the handle feels great and from how my dog responds to the brush she enjoys how the brush feels on her coat when one is gentle(I have yet to try pushing down on the blade with any force because I’m getting results without doing so).

Cost:  The main website advertises it for $62.99 but Amazon has a variety of them for sale cheaper than the website.  For dogs with long fur 51-90lbs – $39.99.  There are other FURminators with other sizes and for short or long fur on the website so if you click that you can see them on related.

Bottom Line:  I enjoy this brush, it isn’t going to keep my house perfectly clean but it is going to reduce the amount of time I spend brushing Lilo so that we can get back to playing.  If I didn’t care about fur or preferred to spend time brushing than playing then I’d probably not invest in one of these but I don’t think the hype is too overdone.  I plan on keeping mine and using it on Lilo for many years and I’ll probably pick up a short haired one someday to see if that helps with her summer coat.


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