Earth Rated – Mila’s Way Home

Earth-Rated is going to be sharing a story starting tomorrow.  It will be a social media Christmas story so the link is to their Facebook page where you can Like to see the story.

What I know this far is that Mila is a homeless dog trying to find her forever home.  Mila’s story will be told over ten days with ten pictures being posted in total, one each day.  Earth-Rated will be showing how people can give back the community and help shelter animals even if they can’t adopt.  I’m excited to check in on this as I may just learn something new.

As I said this will run from the 20th to the 30th with one picture a day, if you’re interested just click the link up above and Like their page.  After that you can just check in each day and see the newest picture of the day.

Just a quick update off schedule so that you don’t have to feel behind, normally I’d post on Mondays but this was too good to not include.

Take care!


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