Flossy: 3-Knot Color Rope Tug

Flossy markets this tug toy as a way to help clean your pups teeth and massage their gums when they tug and chew on it.

Flossy - 3 Knot Color Rope Tug

I bought these for the first tug toys my dog and I would enjoy because they looked durable and like they would withstand some heavy playtime.

Durability(3/10):  Despite the looks of this toy it frays rather quickly.  If I had looked at this as a disposable chew toy I might have given it a better rating but it is advertised as a tug toy so I have to say that I’m disappointed by it.  It doesn’t really hold against tug playing as the one I’ve kept strictly for play/running around(as in no chewing possible) is fairly frayed on her side.  From the dental description this seems like a toy that is supposed to be used and then destroyed, as opposed to being kept for a long period of time.

Entertainment Value(Me: 8/10, Lilo: 9/10):  The length of this rope is not quite long enough to give an easy tug time as Lilo often tries to find a new grip and she ends up getting close enough to my fingers to pinch.  I could have gone one size up but I was hoping the large would be big enough… I was evidently wrong.  The grip on it isn’t as desirable as I could hope for but the knots do help so this isn’t a total flop.  It’s just something to keep in mind when purchasing that your fingers will be in the way of your dogs tooth sooner or later if you get into a high energy play.

House Safety(9/10):  The rope is decently heavy for its size but it isn’t a monster or anything like that so this rates fairly high.  If you are careful with the placement of you and your dog with respect to breakables shouldn’t have any problems.  We have bumped my TV once or twice in play but that was more my fault than the fault of the toy, just something to consider when playing with shorter tug lengths.

Ease of Cleaning(8/10):  You won’t get the colour back properly if you take it outside into the mud but it cleans fairly easily.  I just ran it under water and scrubbed at it a bit and that strategy worked fairly well.

Some Uses: Fetch, tug, chew.

Cost: I paid $7.99 plus tax for the Large.  Amazon doesn’t have them from what I can see, sadly.

Sizes: They have a small(15″), medium(20″), large(25″) and extra-large(36″).

Bottom LineThis is a decent tug toy but it isn’t the best thing I’ve ever seen.  My pup generally has clean teeth so I can’t really comment on if this does help with dental hygiene or not.  Overall if you are on a low budget this can be a good tug that lasts a fair while however if you have a large budget and are looking for a tug toy I’d suggest something more like the Schum-Tug.  Also to note that if you don’t mind the mess and want a tug toy that then turns into a chew toy and you have the budget for it these could very well be ideal.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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