“Huck” – Janet Elder

Janet Elder writes the story of her sons’ lost dog teaching a town about “hope and happy endings”.   Based on the true story of a small dog and the kindness of strangers, “Huck” promises to be unforgettable. Huck - Janet Elder Ease of Reading(9/10): The writing flows well and any potentially obscure references are explained.  I took about a day and a half to read this one.

Accuracy of Information(?/10): This is apparently a true story so the accuracy is not something I can verify.  It seems believable though and Huck does act like a typical lost dog.

Usefulness of Information(8/10): It’s a pretty long list of things not to do when pursuing a lost pup.  At the end you see the exact behaviours you want to see in a dog rescue though so I’m giving this one a pretty decent rank as it shows you what can be, and.. well, what can be.

Cost: Amazon: $12.41.  That’s for paperback, it’s also available in hard cover and for the Kindle.

Bottom Line: This book was a good read.  It’s a bit emotional and like many dog books seems to not talk about the dog a lot but it is a good reminder of how much you love your pup.  This isn’t a dog training book, or a how-to on catching a runaway, but it could motivate you to create a plan or be more careful in the future.


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