Bold Lead Designs – Infinity Collar No-Pull Training Aid

Advertised as a simple to use all-in-one head collar and leash – the Infinity Collar resembles a head halter with a very thin leash component.

Bold Lead Designs - Inifity LeadI was interested in trying it out as it has a lot of similarities to the head halters that you see and the size of the leash promised that very little force would be required to keep my dog from pulling away.

Ease of Use(3/10): I’m really hoping there’s no other leash/collar combo that is this complicated to use.  The design makes it so that every single time you put it on your pup you need to adjust everything to ensure a proper fit.  It takes only a few seconds once you’ve done it a few times but it can be frustrating to find the it’s tight enough but not too tight point every time you throw it on.  On top of that the lead can twist in the muzzle area so if you want a flat fit you will need to invest a few more seconds into the fit.

Enjoyment(9/10):  This item gave me a huge boost in confidence as Lilo started to actually listen when I gave gentle tugs(or, more accurately, when she walked/ran to the end of her leash suddenly and the weight of my hand deterred her continuing).  It keeps her from jumping on people due to holding the head in place and I can get her to focus on me a bit easier than with a collar-leash combo.  I did not give this a perfect score because I do dislike that when she does put herself into a “correction” the leash tightens over the nose.  If she wasn’t so ballistic all the time I’d probably be less concerned as it would be a gentle pressure onto the nose before a head turn(which in theory could be better for the neck) but occasionally I will hear her grunt from running to the end of the lead too fast.  The other deterrent is that the lead comes from the back of the head instead of under the chin – which pulls the head up and back but not sideways.

Durability(8/10):  I am honestly not sure how long it would last against chewing, I originally thought it wouldn’t last a second but it’s held up to my dogs nails a fair bit.  It doesn’t lend itself to being chewed at due to the position of the lead so this hasn’t worried me too much.  The material is extremely soft and I was worried about the adjustment tab becoming loose over time – I was wrong to worry.  I’ve been using this for a few months now and haven’t noticed anything wrong except for one weave being pulled out a bit from getting snagged.  The materials are all hanging on strong and the adjustment tab is steady.

Ease of Cleaning(10/10):  I haven’t had to clean it much but just a quick rinse in water and some soap should have it looking and smelling clean.  Please keep in mind that one should avoid soaking that leather and the metal pieces.

Feel(10/10):  The leash is extremely soft and lightweight in your hand.  Once I figured the right levels of tightness and whatnot on Lilo she seemed to accept the lead entirely as well.  I’ve had a great time with it and the “ego boost”(I call it confidence) you get from being able to “control”(I call this having your dog walk beside you without you breaking down first) your dog with such a slim lead is wonderful(I have complete and total confidence in this lead as Lilo has tested its strength a few times – it’s just so lightweight that you can’t believe it).

Cost:  Their website has it offered for $15.99.  I believe they have sales from time to time as I got another lead with this and recall there being discounted values.

Size:  The website offers sizes from XS to XL and have a variety of colours available.  The image above is royal blue and black.

Bottom Line:  I’m glad I made this purchase.  I’m not sure if I would have preferred to have had a traditional head halter with separate leash so until I try that I can’t comment on this as a head halter in comparison to other head halters.  What I can say though is that this exceeded my expectations and made me a very happy dog guardian for awhile.  Lilo and I have an increased understanding of each other and she’s learning how to be a good apartment dweller with the help of this lead.


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