Kong: Wobbler

A Kong product meant specifically for entertaining food dispersal became a Christmas gift for my pup when I found myself feeling guilty that I didn’t give her enough toys.

Kong states on the back that this is a toy where you should supervise the dog, encouraging rocking of the Wobbler and discouraging chewing. I’ve been doing so, and would encourage others to do so as well, as this is not a toy that will stand up to chewing.

Durability(8/10):  This won’t stand up to being chewed.  However it will work for a long time given proper usage.  Lilo has already logged some hours with it and all that there is are superficial scratches from her picking the toy up to move it to the middle of the room again.

Entertainment Value(Me: 7/10, Lilo: 9/10): This is an easy toy to figure out, you knock it over and get your treats.  I enjoy watching Lilo pushing this toy all over the place and she enjoys getting her kibble out in pieces.

House Safety(8/10): Don’t drop this on the floor, you will hurt the floor.  However I’m giving this a high rating as supervision can ensure this toy stays on the ground and doesn’t get thrown by an over-eager small person.

Ease of Cleaning(9.5/10): The hard plastic makes it so you can just rinse it off and have it like new.

Some Uses: It’s a treat dispenser and independent play toy(though not without supervision).

Cost: This toy ranges around the $25.00 mark. Amazon.ca has it for just over $30.00 but the shipping is quite high(for me at least).

Sizes Available: They have recently added a small to the line so you have the regular size(which is quite large) and then a smaller one(haven’t personally seen this one so I can’t comment on it).

Bottom Line: I enjoy this toy and am glad I bought it but I won’t buy another if this one breaks until I have surplus money.  This is not a challenging toy to figure out but it is good for slowing down their eating.  Performing tricks for kibble that you toss to them is more enriching for both of you but if you need a break this can step in for you.  Not an essential toy, but a nice addition to a variety of toys is my personal conclusion on this one.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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