All For Paws: Mouth Massagers

A toy with no stuffing and a dental ball underneath the cute exterior drew my eye when I was Christmas shopping for myself Lilo.
All for Paws - Mouth MassagersSeriously though, how can you resist something this cute?  Especially when it advertises that it has a dental ball inside of it so that your dog gets a mouth massage when it chews on it.

Durability(8.5/10): I was warned that the fabric would tear off fairly quickly but the dental ball stays strong for a long time.  So far I haven’t seen all that much damage to the bird aside from a wing coming loose and Lilo plays with this toy a lot, and roughly.  It is her new favourite toy(I won at Christmas for this one).

Entertainment Value(Me: 8.5/10, Lilo: 10/10): She runs around like crazy with this thing.  She also constantly requests me to throw it for her so that she can get more hyper with it.  Thankfully her over-excited state doesn’t appear with this toy so it just generates a decently high level of energy burning while keeping me safe from the terror that resides in my young pup.  It also functions as her newest favourite cuddle toy so that when she’s done burning energy she curls up with it nearby.

House Safety(4/10): This toy isn’t so heavy that it can’t be thrown and it isn’t so light that it can’t damage things.  It bounces as well, though not very well thankfully.  If you have delicates in the area I would advise against letting this toy be played with.  It isn’t about to harm any flooring you have however so it gets some points for that.  I would not mix this toy with children and dogs however… actually I would just advise against kids having contact with this indoors.

Ease of Cleaning(9/10): Seeing as it has no stuffing cleaning would just involve running this under some tap water.  The dental ball actually feels nice on the hands so when it’s down to just the ball it won’t be too annoying to sit there and scrub around the prongs.

Some Uses: Independent play is high on the list for this one followed by a chew toy.  It is also a fetch toy if you’re careful with your aim.

Cost: I paid $15.99 plus taxes for this one though Amazon has this available for $10.99 + shipping.

Sizes Available: There is no difference in sizes that I saw but there are various looks for it.  My favourite(of the ones at the store) was the bird but there is also a lion, chicken, fish and pig(and perhaps more).

Bottom Line: This is Lilo’s favourite toy now, she’ll carry it around before settling down with her antler bone or some other chew toy.  I am extremely happy with this purchase and have zero regrets about it aside from giving it to her.  It’s so cute and feels really nice to play with pre-drool.  Strong recommendation from me.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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