Earth-Rated #FrostFingers Campaign

Earth-Rated has yet another event where they are giving out some awesome gloves that will help you open a poop bag in cold weather.

Earth Rated #FrostFingers

It’s a fairly simple event in terms of how to participate, simply click the link at the top of this post and then post the reason why you’d like a pair of gloves.  They’ll pick 1,000 people and then send them a pair of gloves.

Earth-Rated is doing this to help people have an easier time cleaning up after their puppies.  They want to help people eliminate their fear of taking off their gloves while also allowing people to actually open poop bags – thus the #FrostFingers remedy.

I’m personally excited to get a pair, they seem like an amazing addition as I live in an area where there is a strong wind that takes all the cold of the day right into your face so not having to go gloveless will do me wonders.

This campaign I’m hoping will also help remind people that even though it is cold, and your fingers may tremble in fear as you peel off your gloves – keeping our neighbourhoods clean of dog poop is a responsibility all dog keepers must share(AKA scoop that poop, “that” being your dogs).  Happy neighbours are ones who don’t step in dog poop, which makes you and your pup all the happier in the end.

If you have some reason that you cannot scoop I’d also like to urge that you find a fellow dog walker and see if you can give them extra baggies so they can scoop for ya – I understand that if you’re sick, injured, or just not feeling well, getting poop out of snow can be more than your ready for – just try to compensate by having a friend/neighbour help out please. =)

Take care and I hope you guys can get some gloves to stay warm with!


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