Bold Lead Designs – Traffic Lead

I purchased this alongside the Infinity Collar as it looked useful for trying to navigate the close confines of a large city with my pup.

Bold Lead Designs - Traffic Lead

I can safely say that you won’t be very far from your pup at any point in time and I would highly recommend against using this when your sole intent is a bathroom break.
Ease of Use(10/10): The clip slides easily and I’ve had zero problems clipping it onto Lilo’s collar.

Enjoyment(8.5/10):  As I mentioned above, this is not an item to use for bathroom breaks.  You will be on top of your dog while they go to the bathroom and if your dog likes its space before going you’ll be stuck outside for awhile.  That being said I do enjoy the closeness this affords and how I don’t have to worry about extra leash when I’m in an area where I want Lilo to be glued to my hip.

Durability(9/10): This comes with a lifetime guarantee so I’m assuming it’s fairly durable.  I haven’t put it through any serious tests yet however(and I don’t plan to) so I can only say that it seems to be holding up well thus far.

Ease of Cleaning(3/10):  It’s real leather so cleaning it will be difficult, I imagine(I have worked to ensure this one stays clean).

Feel(8.5/10):  This leash gives you the feeling of having a strong grip.  It feels nice in the hand but it isn’t smooth or soft.

Cost:  Their website has it offered for $20.99 for the 12″ one.  I have a discontinued style and got a 18″ one on sale for $14.00.

Size:  The length ranges from 12″ to 22″ and can either be 1/2″ or 3/4″ wide.

Bottom Line:  I like this leash.  It’s a bit underused right now while Lilo learns how to walk nicely(I prefer using things that don’t put pressure on her neck for now) but I do take it out occasionally for the practice.  I expect this will become a favourite leash as her training improves.


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