“DogTown” – Stefan Bechtel

Stefan Bechtel writes about the dogs that were rescued and rehabilitated by the DogTown team while also focusing on relaying the human component of dog rescue/rehabilitation as well.

DogTown - Stefan Bechtel

This book appears to be written to compliment the show as most, if not all, of the dogs were commented on as having a fan base from airing on an episode.

Ease of Reading(10/10): The book is well written and I found it extremely easy to read.  I found that I also wanted to keep reading the next story which is a bonus on helping me complete the book in a timely fashion.

Usefulness of Information(8/10): A lot of the information was very useful in that they show how they deal with problems and they use positive reinforcement methods mostly.  The author added in some romanticism of events here and there which goes against quotes the staff made(he enjoys adding meaning to different events in what I assume is an effort to make the animal/staff more endearing).  If you look past this I’d give this a 9.5/10.  I enjoyed reading the problem and then thinking of how to handle it and checking on how they worked the pup, which was a great “study” method.

CostAmazon.ca has this book for $13.68 paperback.  It is also available in hardcover and Kindle with higher and lower values respectively.

Bottom Line: I enjoyed reading the book and it took priority over my other relaxation activities for a couple days.  I found the stories were heart warming and I felt motivated to do better in my life.  It had an educational aspect as well which I appreciate and as such I recommend this read to anybody who likes learning more about dogs and/or people.


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