Musher’s Secret

Recommended to me by an employee in a store, Musher’s Secret is designed to protect dog paws(and horse hooves) from snow/salt and even heat in the summer.  This was a draw for me as my Lilo has trouble with snow build-up in her back paws and it would cause her to limp in a very sad and pathetic manner.

Musher's Secret

Not to mention the bonus that it’s 100% natural wax so you don’t have to worry about harming your pup or the environment.

Ease of Use(9.5/10): You put a bit of the wax on your hands then massage it into the pad of your pups foot.  I am giving this a very high score though I acknowledge that if your dog does not want you to touch their paws the difficulty is going to be very high.  I also appreciate how soon it dries so I am not stuck trying to keep my dogs paws in the air for hours on end.  I have found that every week or week and a half I need to reapply for good results so it isn’t too frequent an issue.

Enjoyment(9/10):  Lilo actually has softer paws now that she’s had this product for awhile which is nice when we’re cuddling/playing and she doesn’t limp in the snow – much fun!

Time Between Purchases(9.5/10):  You barely use any of the product each time you apply this to your pup.  If it weren’t for her hair in the tub you’d barely be able to see that I’ve used it after a couple months of serious use.  The pet store employee told me that she buys one 200g tub every year for 3 dogs and she uses it year round.

House Safety(10/10):  It dries super fast.  If you apply it the paw will still seem somewhat “damp” or oily but when I tested it on some cloth at this stage I didn’t notice any effect so I let her run around and nothing bad happened.

Efficiency/Effectiveness(10/10):  The snow stopped clumping in her paws so I’m pretty content.  I’ve yet to test this in the summer to protect her paws from heat but from what I’ve heard it will work wonders – though Lilo isn’t the best dog to test this on because she doesn’t really hurt her paws in the summer regardless.

Feel(5/10):  It’s a soft wax and it feels somewhat awkward when you are using it – I always wash my hands after.  That being said I’m not gagging or anything, it just feels like the worst lotion mixture possible.

Cost:  I paid $23.99 but Amazon has it for $22.99 with free shipping on orders over $25.  There is a smaller tub but it’s about half the price for roughly one third of the product.

Bottom Line:  This has become one of those “must haves” for dog owners to me.  The protection and comfort your dog gets from this bundle of wax is wonderful and I hate the idea of dogs suffering because they stepped on a chunk of snow or salt.  I have heard of similar products so I will investigate them as well in the future hopefully(though I do hope it isn’t until the next year as spring is coming).


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