JW Pet Company: Pheasant Dummy

I purchased the pheasant dummy when I first got my “border collie cross lab” as I figured she’d adore retrieving it. JW - Pheasant Dummies Well, I was right in that she loved finding it and running around with it proudly displaying to the world that SHE found and got the dummy.

Durability(8/10):  I have played with her for quite a while with this toy and it held up nicely.  Today however I gave her the toy to chew(and I cringed at the destruction that was to come, but such is my love for the blog).  This toy is tough.  The rope is the obvious weakness but there is some sort of super dealio with this here rope.  She has given up and is currently laying down in the hallway while the toy stays on her mat.  This isn’t your usual rope that easily frays when chewed so I’m impressed.  I’m even more sad though that I let her chew on this as it could have held up to HOURS of more play.  Ah well, I’ll just have to operate with a half-eaten rope.

Entertainment Value(Me: 8/10, Lilo: 10/10):  I hide this in the apartment, she finds it then runs around for a few minutes before I have a chance to get it back.  Lilo spends many minutes searching for the toy each time and it is wonderful to see her sniffing and searching everywhere with her tail wagging at a velocity that dusts the nearby shelves.

House Safety(9/10):  This can be thrown and could break something but it’s fairly squishy and unless you aimed for a breakable object you should be okay.

Smell(3/10):  You can tell this little one is made of rubber.  It isn’t about to kill me but every time I dig it out of the toy box I know I got the pheasant dummy.

Ease of Cleaning(8/10):  I would give this a 9.5 if only it wasn’t hollow with holes in the side.  Basically I’ve just rinsed it off and shaken the toy while it’s under water and it’s cleaned up nice.

Some Uses: Fetch, tug(limited extent), mild chewing, interactive play.

Cost: Amazon has this for $23.49 plus shipping.  I have seen it for cheaper in pet stores however so I’d check out the local shop on your next visit.

Sizes: There are three sizes so you can enjoy the fun no matter your dog size(okay size may matter a bit but the majority of pups can have a correct fit).

Bottom LineThis is one of my top priority toys.  The amount of interaction and brainwork I get for it is wonderful and it has held up well to the abuse of a young pup gleefully parading her success.  Treat it well and you’ll have a few good years of fun for you and your pup.  This being said if you don’t want to invest the time into hiding the toy you may not find it to be as much fun.


Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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