Battle PooFoot – with PoopPatrol

I have been excited for this opportunity for awhile now and have been eagerly awaiting it.  Earth Rated is launching PoopPatrol!

I have been horribly antagonized the past while by all the dog owners out there who don’t pick up their poop.  I love my pup and I love the vast majority of pups out there but nobody loves poo and nobody loves poo on their shoe(okay okay, SOME people do but they are the minority and frankly I’m sure they can figure something out without dog owners leaving poo behind).  I also hate how my apartment complex constantly pressures us responsible dog owners to pick up our dogs poo.  I pick up my pups poo, I can’t pick it up any more than I already am.  I often try to scoop up neighbouring poos to my pups own but there is only so much that can fit into one baggy.

Here comes PoopPatrol!  Volunteers can get together and clean up local parks so that they can be clean and welcoming to the public.  Here’s the best part: Earth Rated will provide the waste baggies!

So they are looking for people to suggest public spaces/dog parks that need help and let them know how you think you could help(may I suggest saying you’ll scoop the poop?).

You can sign up here.  Please do, this is an amazing opportunity to make your living space better(for free) AND the people in your community will be grateful and maybe less irate at the dogs in the neighbouring region.

I’m signing up, I’m going to be attempting to recruit all the people in my apartment complex that I can because this is amazing.

Poop Patrol awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


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