Hula Hoop

The first toy that I’m reviewing that is purely for interactive play, it’s about time!  I’m reviewing the hula hoop – a toy that we all know from our childhood.

Hula Hoop

Just a quick note for this review: make sure when using this that you take your dogs health into mind.  Keep the hoop low so that the dog doesn’t hurt their joints and if your pup is young(under around 18 months) don’t jump too much.  Jumps shouldn’t be more than around elbow height for the vast majority of dogs.  As always talk to your vet if you’re unsure if this is a toy for you.

Entertainment Value(Me: 10/10, Lilo: 10/10): Your biggest problem is going to be controlling the excitement levels.  This toy is limited only by how willing you are to feel upbeat and have fun.

House Safety(8/10): The toy itself is safe – just watch where you “aim” it so your dog doesn’t careen into anything breakable/non-breakable.

Ease of Cleaning(10/10): Wet down a cloth, hold onto the hoop, spin it.  Tadaa!

Some Uses: This is an interactive toy entirely.  Your dog jumps through the hoop and does tricks before being asked to jump again.  No tug, no independent play(though some dogs do enjoy to hula so if you are one of the lucky few congratulations… but I wouldn’t advise leaving it with them as most will chew).

Cost: If you go to your local dollar store you can get them for a couple bucks.  I bought mine at Dollarama for $2.50.  If you have some lightweight PVC piping around you can just tape that into a loop.

Bottom Line: This is a must have to keep my border collies energy down.  It is a great way when you’re busy to burst out their energy so they can have a good nap while you go and do errands.  Take this toy out for five minutes of really happy, upbeat play and your pup will be ready for a snooze.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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