I have gone through and updated some of the posts, I am starting to get more toys again and will be looking forward to writing posts in the recent future.  I wrote a list of what changed below in case you want to check quickly what changed.

Kong Extreme: Positive review changes.  Removed the worry about the “Kong” label being raised lettering.  After a year of chewing the letters have not chipped at all.

Kyjen Fire Hose: Positive review changes.  Upped the durability and edited the text to update as Lilo has finally finished with this toy.  Increased the amusement levels for her accordingly.  Updated smell.  Upon seeing the interior construction of the toy I also updated the ease of cleaning.

Modern Dog Magazine: Negative review changes.  Each section got touched up a little bit to reflect my recent disappointed with the magazine.

Jolly Egg: Neutral review changes.  Updated enjoyment levels to reflect the experiences I’ve had.

Greenies:  Negative review changes.  Updated the per day information.


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