Earth Rated – PoopBags Dispenser

I’ve reviewed Earth Rated PoopBags before and found them to be my poop bag of choice and now I’m trying the dispenser bags with the dispenser.

Earth Rated - Dispenser

The dispenser comes with a pack of 15 bags in it that are lavender scented but I’m not going to focus on that too much because I have talked about their lavender scented bags before here.

Functional Value(9/10): It holds the bags and it has a clip on the back so that you can hook the poop bag on it instead of carrying it but I honestly just used the clip to slide it onto my pocket because I have a thing against these containers waving around the leash.  If you like dispensers this is one of the sturdier ones I’ve noticed and that tab might be useful for you.  In terms of a dispenser I’d rate it high, I just prefer to fold the baggies and shove them in my pockets.

Ease of Use(8/10): Getting a new roll in and getting the bag going through the hole takes a bit of dexterity but after that it is smooth sailing… unless the baggies fall back in through the hole and you have to find it again.  I’ve read reviews saying the bags are hard to open but I honestly don’t find this to any more true than any other poop bag out there.

Cost: There are a few dollars each, Amazon has them for $7.99 each and I’m feeling that is a rather steep price.

Bottom Line: I use Earth Rated PoopBags but I personally don’t use the dispenser.  If I am given the dispenser I hang it on the hook where my jackets are for if I need to move in a hurry and don’t have time to pull the baggies off an unenclosed roll.  The rolls themselves I find useful because they are small and can be put into a bag easily, the dispenser to me just adds bulk.  These are earth friendly though so if you like dispensers I strongly urge people to go with Earth Rated.


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