Wysong – Dream Treats (Quail)

I was looking for a small treat for my pup and found one of these guys in individual packaging so I figured that I’d give it a try.

Wysong - Dream Treats (Quail)

These treats are claimed to be good for dogs, cats and ferrets, being raw meat treats(it’s quite dry so the word raw feels misleading) it’s said to be extremely healthy and that the discs can be used as meal supplements now and then.  It’s incredibly loaded with various supplements though and the ingredient list is about the size of the biscuit itself.

Entertainment Value/Enjoyment(Me: 1/10, Lilo: 5/10):  It took me a long, long time to open the packaging for this one.  Maybe it was just an evil little bag or maybe that’s normal I’m not sure but in the end the chip almost went flying.  Lilo gulped it down in about two seconds flat.  There’s no substance to this treat.  She enjoyed the taste so it’s getting a pass but it was just kind of… disappointing for a treat as expensive as it was.

Smell(9/10):  Didn’t smell too bad.  It wasn’t as delicious smelling as some of the other treats I’ve worked with so I’m not ranking it a perfect but it won’t offend your senses.

Per Day Limit:  The website says you can just give them freely but also mentions that half a biscuit should be good for a smaller dog so…. consult your vet.

Training Potential(5/10): You can tear the biscuit apart and it is quick to eat so the dog shouldn’t lose focus through eating it so I’m giving it a pass.  It’s very crumbly however and I wasn’t confident in trying to reduce its size without it putting off a lot of powderyness so I didn’t really want to try to do that.

Cost: The individual packets are sold for around $1.00.  The bags are sold for slightly less than $1.00 per treat.

Bottom Line:  I don’t feel I received the quality I was expecting for the money I paid(I feel like this is a 10-25 cent per treat value).  That being said if I had a dog that had no/few teeth and needed soft treats only I would probably buy this if I had the budget…. after I did some serious research into what all the ingredients listed on the back were and what their effects on my dog would be.  I didn’t feel concerned giving this as a one off to my dog but if she was a senior with a weakened digestive system I’d definitely be looking into it first, and talking to my vet.

Note: Caution should always be used when introducing a new food item into a dogs diet.  The recommendations on this page are not issued from a vet and I have no experience or knowledge in animal nutrition.  My analysis is based purely on my relationship with my dog and I’ve trusted the packaging to be accurate as to the impact it will have on my dogs health. If your dog has special needs, please consult a vet before introducing any treats into their diet, regardless of my recommendations.


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