Zootopia: Interactive Dog Toy (Sliding Sticks)

Zootopia offers an interactive toy for (small) dogs that is based on sliding sticks covering holes for food.
Zootopia - Sliders

It was on sale for a decent price so I got it with excited because it’s made by Hagen and I have never been let down by them.

Durability(9/10):  A dog would not easily destroy this unless left unsupervised.  The plastic isn’t of the best quality but for what it’s used for I have to give this a 9.

Entertainment Value(Me: 1/10, Lilo: 2/10): The toy is amazingly simple to use and I was very let down by that.  It isn’t even a puzzle for the dog cause they just shove their nose at the food.  Maybe with a smaller dog (Lilo is medium to large) it would “work” better but I’m not convinced.  I could have had Lilo take more time eating by throwing her kibble on the floor (which is what I normally do).

Ease of Cleaning(3/10): The plastic has this weird ability to hold onto drool so rinsing it off is a bit of a pain.  I don’t see any indicators saying that is is dishwasher safe so I’m giving this a low score as the drool really needs to be cleaned off every time and you will waste a lot of water doing so.

Cost: Amazon has this item for $11.99.

Bottom Line: I’m donating the toy to a Value Village in the hopes that somebodies tiny dog will have a good time with it.

Note: It’s important to remember that nothing is indestructible and all good things will come to an end – monitor the condition of this toy and please remove it when it shows considerable amounts of wear and tear.


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