Grreat Choice – Circulating Pet Waterer

This was on clearance at a local pet store and my dog is obsessed with waterfallesque things so I had to try it.

Grreat Choice - Circulating Pet Waterer
Ease of Use(5/10):   Put it on the ground, pour water into it, plug it in.  When it’s time to clean it you unplug it, carry it to the cleaning area of your choice (it’s dishwasher safe) and take it apart and clean.  It’s not too bad that way, however I find that mine has this annoying habit of clicking/grinding/making noise whenever it’s anything less than perfectly full so I’m not giving this a perfect score.  The power cord doesn’t have a connector closer to the base of the water dish so you will have to have continuous access to the outlet to use this product, big inconvenience in my eyes.

Enjoyment(7/10):  Lilo didn’t take to it right away and I’m not convinced it’s much more than a high maintenance normal water dish.  I was aiming for a waterfall effect when I got a circulating water bowl and the picture shows some lovely ripples occurring… you only get those if it’s making that horrible “you’re killing the motor please stop” sounds.

Effectiveness(3/10):  The water bowl seems to be continuously dirty and it’s really not outperforming the metal bucket I had her using before.  A lot of water ends up on the ground because the sides aren’t high enough after the motor to get a splash guard going.  I also haven’t noticed an increase in Lilo’s water consumption(though she didn’t need to increase her water so it’s possible it would help an animal that is being finicky about water intake).

Durability(10/10):  It’s not the toughest material around but it’s standing up to what I want it to do so I’m giving this full marks.

Appearance(7/10): It looks like cheap plastic and the giant “Grreat Choice” logo on it makes it feel cheap.

Smell(10/10): I haven’t noticed a smell yet.

Ease of Cleaning(5.5/10):  You can take it all apart and work on the pieces then put it back together.  There are some nooks and crannies though that I just can’t get clean so this is making a bare pass as they are small sections but it really bothers me.

Cost:  I don’t see this on-line any more but I think I got it for around $20.00.

Bottom Line:  It hasn’t seemed to improve anything in my life in any particular way though admittedly I haven’t retired it back for the bucket yet so there is some appeal.  I’d probably though just go for a more expensive product than nabbing this one as this is very lacklustre.


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