Rollover – Lamb Tenders

Gifted from a friend, this treat lists one ingredient: lamb lung.

Rollover - Lamb Tenders

As an added bonus for Canadians, it is made in Canada.

Entertainment Value/Enjoyment(Me: 7/10, Lilo: 9/10):  This adds a bit of a crunch and the smell drives Lilo insane, somehow.

Smell(9/10):  The smell is very faint with these treats.  Normally anything lamb makes me feel sick so I’d been hesitant to open the bag but I felt no ill effects from them so far. They don’t smell good so I won’t give it any higher than a 9 but in terms of not stinking it’s 10/10.

Per Day Limit:  The bag says “This product is intended as a treat only.” but with the product being purely lamb lung I don’t see too many complications from a few snacks.  Talking to your veterinarian won’t be a bad idea about this though.

Training Potential(3/10):  I believe this treat COULD be cut up to tiny pieces but I personally enjoyed giving her the larger chunks for a couple tricks in a row.  Also they are fairly “dusty” to the touch so I didn’t want to handle them too much.

Cost: Amazon charges $5.99 with Prime shipping being an option for the 50g pack.  I do not know where my friend got this or how much it was so sadly I don’t know if that is a good or bad price.

Bottom Line:  I am really happy that I was gifted this.  The packaging doesn’t look all that special so I probably wouldn’t have pulled it off of a shelf but Lilo seems to enjoy them.  If I see them in stores again I’ll probably grab one if I’m near some significant event(Christmas, her birthday, her adoption day).

Note: Caution should always be used when introducing a new food item into a dogs diet.  The recommendations on this page are not issued from a vet and I have no experience or knowledge in animal nutrition.  My analysis is based purely on my relationship with my dog and I’ve trusted the packaging to be accurate as to the impact it will have on my dogs health. If your dog has special needs, please consult a vet before introducing any treats into their diet, regardless of my recommendations.


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