Purina – Yesterday’s News

Dinah, my cat, has urinary insufficiency.  This means she passes a lot of urine.  I wanted to get a product that absorbed more than the average clump of clay and yet was also environmentally friendly.  I took a stab at Yesterday’s News.

Purina - Yesterday's News

Cats can be phenomenally picky about litter(potential understatement) so I was nervous that Dinah would reject this litter and I’d have wasted my money.  Fortunately this wasn’t the case and Dinah and I have been enjoying this litter.

Ease of Scooping/Cleaning(9/10):  I have two items from Dollarama, a spatula type scoop and then a large measuring spoon and together they work extremely well at cleaning(one for the out and one for the in).  There isn’t any issue where the sides get dirty like with clumping cat litter making the litter tray relatively easy to clean as well.  The chunks do break down into finer grains and so when the bag has run out I try to let the litter wear down so that I can dump the whole thing before cleaning it out and starting again.

Litter Tracking(9.5/10):  A piece here and there gets out(one or two pieces a week) but it is nothing like any other litter I’ve used in my past.  My floor stays clean of cat litter with minimal effort.

Dust(10/10):  No dust.

Smell(10/10):  The smell is non-invasive, it doesn’t mask anything instantly and when you do your daily scoop(it is daily, riiiight?) you know what you are scooping but I find the litter box to be very clean smelling when not freshly used or freshly scooped.

Dinah’s Acceptance(10/10):  I’ve had no problems.

Cost: Depending on sales this nets about $13.00-$16.00CAD in popular stores like PetSmart.

Bottom Line:  I got lucky and hit something that I love right away.  I will most likely not review another type of litter as this works for me, is fairly eco friendly and my cat accepts it fully.  I fully recommend this to anybody starting up with a new cat.  Those looking to transition their cat can visit this Transitioning Cat Litters.

Note: Cats are highly selective about litter type, depth, frequency of changing, litter pans, etc.  Experimenting with a finicky litter box user may be the only way to solve the problem but a first step should be to talk to a veterinarian about any changes in a cats usage/non-usage of their litter box.


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